Baku AZ 1000, Azerbaijan 
Zarifa Aliyeva street, 55

Telephone: (+994 12)  598 99 00
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The reciprocal sociability among the workers is very important factor in every company. In team everybody should be together, serve the same goal and understand each other. While forming the team besides an intellect the psychology should be suitable to the staff’s work. We choose our workers carefully as a little dissatisfaction or irresponsibility in team can be a reason of failure any work. It is impossible for us. So while admitting somebody to work his/her psychology and intellect is the most important features. After a long years experience we can say "Yes, we have an excellent staff family". We work as a family. There is a right competition between the members of our team that is a little secret of our successful works.


Our aim is a successfull work in an economical system. Highly professionalism, responsibility, team work ability and attention are important aspects in any work. Every member of our team tries to do the charged work with great responsibility. We suggest highly qualified service to our customers trusting our intellect, team work capacity and aim. Our special councellors help customers in any difficulties in their work. They have capacity of solving any problem in a little time at the result of their self- master and high intellect. We can appriciate our work from a side of customer. Just at the result of this "Biznes Audit" company gained successfull achievments. Our purpose is to be the strongest and the most capable company in Azerbaijan economical system. Experiences and achievments are the obvious proove that we are in a few steps of this purpose.


"Biznes-Audit" Company while founding the company we had a great responsibility. We would try for our customers. We would help them to gain their goals with great success. In first step we needed intellectual, responsible and capable staff. At the result we organized highly qualified staff work in our company in every field. They realize responsibility of their work fittingly local and international economical system. We prepared projects due to every field. We are guaranty highly successes service. We know that a customer who uses our services will be satisfied with our work. From the date of foundation we gain our purposes with great success.